Scam Warning:

With the English Bulldog being one of the most desired dog breeds in America it has also become a breed that is constantly being used to take advantage of unsuspecting families. I have seen hundreds of ads that scream "SCAM" on newspapers and online advertisements.  We hope we can provide you with some helpful tips to avoid these.

 A scam artist will require you to pay him via wire transfer, money order, or western union without you even meeting him or this puppy in most cases. Never make a payment with WESTERN UNION, Pay Pal, a wire transfer or money order unless you have met the breeder and the puppies in person and you are sure there is no scam.

Scam Artists will prefer to only communicate via email, most will not talk on the phone or in person. Always suggest to meet in person, most will stop communicating with you immediately. If a Breeder refuses to allow you to see the puppy “Home” this can also be a sign that it may be a “Puppy Mill”. Know local and state laws regarding animal limits, if they are saying they have 6 adult dogs but that city only allows 3 without a license ask for their kennel license.  If they cannot provide that I would question if it is a puppy mill or scam artist.

Most Scam artists these days don’t even have the puppies they say they do. A Confirmation photo can be very helpful in this case. Ask for a photo with puppy (or litter) with that days date, your name and some sort of code word/ drawing or ect.  A good breeder will quickly provide this (sometimes within minutes through email or text). Look at the picture. Does the puppy look to be the correct age/size? Does the puppy look healthy? Look at the background, does it look clean and well kept? Does the picture look edited (asking for it quickly limits how much editing can be done). Is the information you asked for with the puppy.  These photos may not be the cutes photo you get of your puppy but it could be the most important.

A lot of scam artists will claim to be selling a "Champion Sired" or “Rare Colored” puppy at an extremely low price.  I'd be suspicious of any breeder selling any bulldog puppy for anything less than $1500, especially if they claim its Champion sired. Remember you also get what you pay for.  May puppies sold at a cheaper price may have underling health issues.

I would personally recommend that you purchase a Bulldog puppy from a legitimate breeder that has contact information and is willing to either meet or provide you with everything you want to know and need to know about your puppy. Ask for confirmation photos if you are unable to go to the puppy and breeder.  Ask for vets Contact information and call them.  Do your research. Pet stores can inflate prices by as much as $1500 and you never know what you're going to get from your local 'back yard' breeder. Pet stores primarily want to purchase where they can get the cheapest puppies to make the most money, With Bulldogs Cheapest is not the best way to go.

It is hard to turn away from what you may think is a good deal. Please make sure that when searching for your new pet you are able to talk to the seller on the phone or most preferably in person. There are many ways you can be conned by scam artists so please be careful and take your time when searching for a pet. One faithful saying comes to mind over and over again, “If it's sounds too good to be true it probably is".

If at any point you don't feel confident in the seller or their claims DON'T give them your money! Contact a reputable breeder and save yourself the heartache. A lot of good people get taken for a ride by these types of "scam artists" & we hope you don't run into one them.